Sunday, April 22, 2012


A day in my office, during as my own activities as an actress in theater, so many children especially the young girls screaming, expected us being princesses whereas we casting no princess, except Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. We dressing good from our casting as girls as from Victorian's era for Alice, Claire (Alice's sister) and Queen of Heart in Alice in Wonderland story. Just because we worn the long gown with petticoat inside, it doesn't mean we are princess. That's the awakening embryo of my own story about ANTI PRINCESS MOVEMENT.

Being kids are so much fun. But contaminated by day-dreaming about princess (Which are good dress, good life, good charming prince with white horse, ideal life..... blablabla) indirectly shaped the young kids would had 'a princess mentally'. Idolizing the character like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel (Disney's Princess' sistergroup) just made the young girls feeling unaccepted the real things. Such as normal body shape, pimple, hair, skin colors, everything which  are considered normal for them. 

My own project in clothing line, I would proudly introduce my concept about ANTI PRINCESS MOVEMENT. Being princess its not always about pink, frilly dress, purple, cute pageant, but the character as yourself as a REAL princess. You are still princess although you wearing black and goth. You are still princess although you are tomboy and loved to do sports. You are still princess although you are geek and nerd and not a kind of IT girl. You are princess, whoever you are.

by quirkyjelly


Special thanks to:
my model Inarah Syarafina (xoxo to you, dear!), Bunda Inarah & Papa (thanks for the meal & your kindness to us, Ma'am :D), Eki for took the great great great moment with your camera "wife"! hahaha... Let's rollin' again next time!! And Allah SWT the last but forever in my heart :) tanpa seijinMu, tidak akan terlaksana. Amin

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