Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blankiehang Photoshoot

I'm not a model, a real photo model like the famous you see.
I'm a person who fall in love with fashion with all my passion includes the base foundation to make it fashion so strong, sewing maker, pattern maker, the supplier, the maker of the fashion things-needs-tools-goods, the product seller, the photographer, the fashion people, friends who had the fashion look :))

Since I felt into this fashion 'hole', I loved to join my friend into my people who wearing my dress, or only  my fashion project. Some of friends are successful in fashion now, but others now realized that fashion is a good life to choose more than you think its just to put a cloth to your body today.

Some people already being my 'muse' and my fashion partners in my work which they are suitable to wearing or just a complete figure who telling my collection. Nowadays my muse now Inarah (she's a teenage girl now in junior high school) and Darell Ferhostan. This Darell is like my day-dreaming about good looking man but with beautiful charming when I tried so hard figure a person like him since I'm in school. But hey he's real, he's not another picture like you saw at Manga (Japanese comics). He's real, he's 'alive' in real world, he's do the awesome work in modeling world. He's my awestruck ever :))

I just never realized that one day my best friend calling me to taking a photoshoot for her next fashion project. she said I'm suitable wearing her collection just because I had a gothic personality :)
I'm none in photography and modeling world and my reaction just felt upset and suprised. It taking a few times to realized, that sometimes you adore somebody, but you already to made someone's inspired by you. 

What comes around, it goes around, right? :)

Thx Hanny for your styling as creative director and your bf jentidz for taking the great photo <3
please kindly check out hanny blog

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  1. thanksss gojhell.. ^^ such a pleasure to work with you.. XOXO

  2. your welcome lovely hanny :D *kisskiss*


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