Monday, November 13, 2017

Social Media Anxiety.

Day 8

I started to off my (almost) social media accounts since last week. 
I deactivated my personal Instagram (only my artworks acc & online shops still going on), uninstall my facebook & twitter app, because yeah, that's the only socmed I had. 
I turn off my Line, so I cannot read the upcoming chats, I block one of my friend in Whatsapp, because of her I did these all. I out from Whatsapp groups, I start to be an alien without knowing every viral things.
Even I wrote this post in pc, I didn't open my facebook/twitter. I try sooo hard no to open them.

Sometimes I need to do this action. You do too. 
I realized I got Social Media Anxiety. It's not only affected my psychology, but also my physic. I scratch my left hand without reason recently, it wasn't itchy at all! It left redness and bad skin because the scratchiness. Now I know I feel a bit depressed later because all my friends in soc med, especially Instagram (moreover because the IG story), they had something I didn't do, and probably I got a bit mad or jealous. I know it sounds bullshit but it's real.Sometimes deep down inside my heart, I want  to show something different contents from others. I want to look edgy & quirky, just like my nick name, but for some reasons I cannot make it happen right now. That's all I got after thoughts & thoughts about my anxiety problems.
So to minimalist the more bad effect, I need to offline for a while.
For how long? I don't know. 
Maybe a couple weeks, a month, or until next year (?)
Still cannot figure out.

Wish me luck to me.

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