Thursday, March 17, 2016

There's Something about Harry


Call me a super late-late fan-girl of Harry Styles. I didn't know when is the right time I started fangirling him. All I know is I am a huge fan of men with long hair, feminine face shape, good fashion vibrant, any kind of style; rock, grunge, pop, whatever. I spotted news about him lately, rumor said he will cut his hair after reach the goal until 9 inch (22,86 cm) and he will donate the hair! Nooooo.... Because he looks so good with that hair. 1D's fashion stylist said "he's hotter when he's getting older. So he can choose whatever style he wants." Damn true, Miss.

Like another testimonial from what I saw in MTV, "I got jealous with Harry Styles, because his hair now is prettier than meeeee." Yass right right!!

So Mr. Styles, you got my eyes on you this time. I don't know what will happen if someday you are truly cut your magic girl-magnet. *I'll be faint for a moment!*

The hair, the shirt-dress, the skinny jeans wrapped his tights, the blazer, that pretty face.

*giggled like a baby teeth*

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