Thursday, December 31, 2015

Re-vamp your Books

Hoi Hoi!

Last day of 2015 and I'm BLOG! So... what kind of news should I post?
Only a tutorial how to cover your un-interesting book. It's so simple, everyone can do this. But I'll show you my way. 
Here you go.

First things first, you need the equipment like;
- Pattern gift paper
- Plastic cover wrap
- Clear tape
- Exacto knife or cutter
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Book

Picture No. 2 & 3:
I skip how to cover the book, because yes, everyone can do that. Or if you can't, choose someone to cover up. And after you cover the book, please do more check more than once for not flippin' the first page into the back side.

And here's a gift paper with birthday cakes pattern. I love this pattern! I cut some and arrange to the cover. Free to arrange, depends your mood :)

And after you set collage, stick it with glue.

Almost done. 
Make your own book title just by hand drawing. And give a little 'sweetness' on back side too.

Don't forget to give book number on side too. 

Cover with book plastic cover, zip it with clear tape and voila! It's done! Yay!

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