Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Doll Story


Here's my new collection, 2 dolls from Kurhn. Have you ever heard Kurhn doll?
Kurhn doll originally come from China. I basically not really interest with doll, like, Barbie or something fashion dolls like that. But when I searched Kurhn at Instagram (there's a local online shop selling them), I fell in love, because of the cuteness of their face, not too much make up (but then when my Kurhns arrived, I make up their faces). But sadly, the origin body of Kurhn didn't have joints like modern doll/pivotal. There's another type of pivotal Kurhn, but mine aren't have it. So I order Obitsu body from Japan with 23 cm size, according to their skin type colors (mine are white and natural). But when I match with Kurhn's heads, it was a lil' bit tinier. So I asked one of my friend in Instagram, she said I should buy 27 cm size, not 23. Yeah... disappointed to the max. But what should I do then with those 23? I have two options. First, I should buy another dolls who matching with the body, such as Licca, or second, I should make new clothes for my Kurhns.

For now, I'm still with Kurhn's heads & 23 cm Obitsu bodies. But next, I don't know, probably will take the 1st option or just play them as the 2nd option :D

When my Kurhns had arrived, transform with make up & clothes.

Here is 'Sister', my Kurhn with the origin body. 27 cm. No pivotal.

And here they are, with new Obitsu bodies. It looks younger than before :)

And now I made a story of them :D 

Sister bought shoes.

She feels happy! It's Hello Kitty sport shoes <3
Merry got interrupted at her lunch time, accompanied Sister buying a pair of shoes.

And she feels thirsty.

She grabs a bottle of mineral water.

And here's Merry at her works.

Because Sister coming home first (yas, she was interrupt Merry at lunch this day--what a Sister, right?),  then she waits Merry in her room, and playing bass.

Here's Merry doing an #OOTD

And Sister get bored. She laying down, eat her Nasi Goreng, surf internet, and end with read some magazines.

"Sis, I'm coming home. May I laying down beside you? I feel soo tired..."
"Yes you can. Welcome home, Merry. Let's sleep until morning. ZZzzz..."

Hope you guys enjoy my doll story! 

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