Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Follow The Passion

 I was starting to blog since 2010. And the first time I (actually, "we", because The Lady Locker were made by 5 different heads at first, but me as the central admin) blogging, I was follow people really professional in blogging-world. My first blogger to follow was Diana Rikasari, she was really inspiring and talented person in netizen world. Then my co-mate showed me the young blogger from America, Tavi Gevinson (which is now she's really amazing and drop-dead successful by her artwork at Rookie). I became her fans until today--until I bought her book too, Rookie Yearbook One (...still collecting my money for buy Rookie Yearbook Two *sigh*).

By looking all my inspirations, I was thought that for being a blogger you need to know more about fashion. Because I just followed the Fashion Bloggers, I still didn't know there were so much bloggers outside, not only fashion issues. So I always posted about fashion... and fashion and fashion. Yea, I love fashion, but to compete with the seniors you have to be something different. "I am different." yes I am,  I said that to myself. But I'm not strong enough to 'get in' in the competition. My ideas are always branched. Sometimes I post about fashion, but another day I post about hang out, or environment. I'm not consistent enough.

So now after 3 years ahead, I found my blog-passion. I decided for not being a fashion blogger anymore. I am a blogger. I blog about everything I like, my activities, my stories, my passion in environment, books, handicraft... I promise I won't be a follower again. I'm still follow and read another favorite fashion bloggers for example like Sonia Eryka, Cindy Biantoro, Camile, Evita Nuh. But I won't being them. They already exist by their personal style. I have too, but yeah.. as a Fashion blogger wasn't my truly passion :) 

So this is me, a person who loved about fashion, in another kind of your perspective, I love something about handicraft. I get addicted of that. I love books, comics.. I am proud to be a geek, I love capturing moments, but hell yeah I am not a pro photographer :D so I am feel free playing photo-edited, I love to be an activist in an organization like Greenpeace. And now you can see all of that inside my blog. And feel free to comment!

This November, I would like to show you something different. Every month I will make one fashion spread, inspiration by Rookie Mag. Maybe some of you can feel the sustainability between Rookie Mag and my photos spread. It's not copying, but it's inspired. Just enjoy.

Unity of Proscenium* 

These photos below was taken at Theater in my office. The actors are my friends. They wanna changing costumes for the next show. Also you can see the magician when they are playing at the stage. Thanks to Anonna, Gaby, Wahyu, Arum and Nuri as the models! You guys rocks on!

Red Queen Heart

Make up preparation as Jasmine in "Aladdin"

The Illusion of Magician

Band of the Pirates

*) Proscenium: from vocabulary.com; a large platform on which people can stand and can be seen by an audience.

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