Saturday, July 6, 2013

Child in Adult's body

I'm in love now to editing photos with LINE camera. Since my laptop still broken, and my office's computer doesn't have the internet connection.... (whatta lame..) so I'll never posted anything since then.
And its really rare post with my android phone, because the camera is so-so okay. I knew editing the photos with LINE camera such a teenager.. but heyyy when you get adults so many things with color-less. And rainbow or full colors or gimmick funny things only for kids! Duhhh... :(
I love colors and I love those cute thingy-trash with shapes that made you shocked. There's no boundaries or rules like "Natural / pastel colors only for ADULTS. And clown colors for KIDS."
Get your own nation, please!
*sorry harsh*
Its really pathetic when I screamed so freakin bad into something-shop who sell rainbow color things, then my friend stopping me and said, "Hello Jelly, wake up, its only for KIDS. You grown up now, its not proper you love something like that." Like that, what?
I love colors. I love rainbow. I even wearing something colorful when I sad. So statement like that, it really makes me down. So whatever if you thinking I'm still childish. I love childish things, but not in the attitude. Childish things reminds me of memories. Old times, and nostalgic. So let me loved something old school, and I'll let people who love what they loved. We respect each others. And this world will go in peace.

Well hey, by the way, these photos taken at Hijabella SISTERHOOD 2013 at Gandaria City this evening. I don't know who she is, but I thought she's a fashion icon from Hijabella Magazine. The event was really fun! I didnt come into the hall for the hijab tutorials and talk show, I only came to the fashion bazaar. And got the super awesome hijab shawls IDR 100 for 4 items! Love it!
I wish I knew the events since 2 years ago.... however, the event has concept for getting closer with ukhtis before we will entering the holy month of Ramadhan.

On behalf me, Jelly, I would like to say apologize for every single words and attitudes.. may we all of us got the great bless by Allah SWT in fasting month :) the doors of forgiveness open profusely, so vying to get the sustenance.
Including words above.. I'm sorry of it if you're not comfortable with that :)

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